Prints and original for sale

A few screenprints of my ASOIAF illustration are still available for sale through LTD Gallery. Only $40!

The original scratchboard piece is also available.




After getting several emails asking which originals are for sale, I've updated my new website with info about each piece.
If you see one you like that is still available please e-mail me. Thanks for the support everyone!

The Path of Faith

Since Cat's out of the bag *rimshot*, here is my contribution to **Winter is Coming** a show inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire at LTD Gallery in Seattle :

"The Path of Faith" (Brienne VI - A Feast for Crows) 
Ink and scratchboard 12x24"

Check out a preview here http://io9.com/an-exclusive-look-at-winter-is-coming-george-r-r-mart-1520794765

There *should* be limited ed. screenprints of this available at the show. More info soon, I hope.


"And the man breaks. He turns and runs, or crawls off afterward over the corpses of the slain, or steals away in the black of night, and he finds someplace to hide. 
All thought of home is gone by then, and kings and lords and gods mean less to him than a haunch of spoiled meat that will let him live another day, or a skin of bad wine that might drown his fear for a few hours. 
The broken man lives from day to day, from meal to meal, more beast than man. Lady Brienne is not wrong. In times like these, the traveler must beware of broken men, and fear them…but he should pity them as well"
-Septon Meribald


New website

Hey all!
Please update your bookmarks, I have a new website up at nicolasdelort.com


Eowyn and the Witch King of Angmar

A woman’s courage

-Ink on Claybord 11.5*15.5”

My piece for Out of the Shire, a Tolkien inspired show at Gallery Nucleus. (look at that line-up!!). Opening on December 14.