And then, where the wave had been...

"Something dark drifted in front of the sunset, and he almost burst into tears. It was a perfect sunset wave, rolling across the red disk that was just sinking below the horizon. Every man in the Islands of the Sun had that image as his manhood tattoo, and in a few hours — he knew it — so would he."
- Terry Pratchett - Nation


Everything that light touches...

...Is our Kingdom, Son

Source : Neilagate

Source : The Black Lodge

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Back From Holidays

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Because Brian Cranston deserves every Emmy he gets and then some...40min each
From "Fly"

D'apres Hokusai • Vieille Femme bat une autre Femme avec sa Chaussure

D'apres Hokusai • Un méchant Samuraï va tuer une femme avec son épée

D'apres Utagawa Kuniyoshi • Miyamoto Musashi tuant un nue (monstre de la mythologie japonaise

D'apres Utagawa Kuniyoshi • Takiyasha la Sorciere invoquant un Spectre (la sorciere en question a été coupée au montage

J'adore les titres des oeuvres d'Hokusai, on nage un peu dans le phylactère de Blake and Mortimer :)