Goodbye KaHaSi. Hello Inkling.

This is the end of this year's sketchbook. It's had a pretty hard, albeit rewarding, year. It's been to Greece and Switzerland, mostly, and also other places.
Lots of great things happened this year both in my personal and professional lives.
Thanks H. for destroying poor KaHaSi :)

A collection of sketches I've done over the last few days and a few pages from earlier this year I never got around to posting. These took anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes.

If I had to keep just one drawing in this sketchbook, it would be this one.

After seeing the Manet exhibit at Musée d'Orsay last friday, I can safely say this is now in my top 3 favorite paintings ever.
The unusual angle, the simplicity of the composition, the limited pallette, the virtuosic brushstrokes.
I love how he kept things drama free, the face is peaceful, there is only a small stream of blood. The sobriety of death.
Manet - The Dead Toreador.

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Let's welcome Inkling. See you soon with more art :)