You will hold my vigil.

Vigil - Ink on claybord - 12"x16"
Here is my piece for The Book Show, a group show curated by Seb Mesnard, at Daniel Maghen Gallery in Paris (opening in july).
I'm very humbled by the artist line-up (and the other pieces posted so far) and I feel very flattered to be included.
Depicted here is a scene from Neil Gaiman's American Gods in which Ibis & Jacquel watch from afar as the Nornes take care of stuff under the World Tree.
I'd done a first version of the illustration that was closer to the action, with a more dramatic angle, but it felt a little too melodramatic.
This dark and austere composition fits the mental image I had of the scene a little better I guess.

(On a side note, I would like to start a petition to get Jhanelle Castillo cast as Shadow)

Voici ma contribution pour la prochaine expo de Seb Mesnard, The Book Show à la Galerie Daniel Maghen.
Je suis très flatté d'avoir été invité à participer, en regardant la liste des participants..!
La scène est tirée de American Gods de Neil Gaiman. M. Ibis et M. Jacquel attendent patiemment que les Nornes fasse leur boulot ;)
J'avais fais une première version de l'image avec un cadrage plus dramatique mais au final ça rendait un peu kistch.
Cette compo un peu plus sobre et posée sied mieux a l'image que je me faisais de la scène.

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  1. mon dieu ! c'est ... je reste sans voix !

  2. awesome gallery in your blog.!!!

  3. I have to say that your work is overwhelming. Just astounding. This piece fits the tree scene perfectly, & reflects the grand scale of the entire book as well.

  4. Saw this on Tor.com and wow this is amazing @.@

  5. C'est magnifique ! Encrage de grande classe !