Father, you are avenged !

-Father, you are avenged!
Ink on claybord
The awesome folks down at Iam8bit are holding a show/event for the 25th anniversary of the Street Fighter series: Combo Attack: 25 years of Street Fighter. The show opens tonight so if you're in LA, go see it!
This was a really fun image to create as the Street Fighter imagery is very far from what I usually do (although Capcom has one of the greatest character design teams).
The more adept players will hopefully recognize this scene as Chun-Li's ending in SF2 (or SSF2T).
Notes: I don't think Chun-Li's dad is buried in Shanghai, but this was my way of making a nod to the postcard-y feel of the series' stages.
Also, Gen technically wasn't there, but let's say he was...!

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