Happy new year!

Well well, an exciting new year ahead! Happy new year to all my followers!
• I am now officially represented by Shannon Associates, so any professional request should go through them first.
• I still have a couple originals left on sale at Galerie Daniel Maghen. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me or them directly, they are super nice.
•Here's a fun little homage to Moëbius I did last month for a contest The Airtight Garage was having.
Floating World Comics in Portland is putting together a show with all the entries, it's gonna look great, be sure to check it out if you're in the area!
Click for bigger version.

It's a reinterpretation of this panel

•Also, here's an illo I never got around to posting, because I consider it somewhat of a failure. I set it aside and reworked it into "Vigil" (I don't know which one worked better in the end, I think the former had drama that the latter doesn't have and the latter has atmosphere that the former doesn't have).
I just finished trying to clean it up a little in photoshop (on the original the sky is a complete mess). I still like the angle and the two characters in the foreground (Ibis and Jacquel) but I feel like the World Tree and Shadow are a little wonky.
Oh well.
(just for fun, the guy in the front is Mr. Jacquel, holding the cig with his pointy nose is Mr. Ibis, the three cloaked figures are the Nornes and in the background with the hat is Mr. Nancy and the tiny one all the way back would be Czernobog)
Until next time :)!

7 commentaires:

  1. ton "petit" hommage à Moeb est juste complètement dingue. Fidèle à ton travail et à ton univers. Je suis en admirativitation devant ton talent.

    Mêmes les pires insultes n'arriveraient pas à atténuer cette sorte de jalousie qui m'envahit quand je vois une de tes pièces (comme la seconde image de ton post.. oO)

    Je me contenterai donc d'un timide "bravo, c'est sublime" :).

  2. wow so amazing! really love your work. i also just finished reading american gods and its cool to see your illustrations from the book!

  3. your work is incredible man. big ups. just featured you on my site.

  4. Commentaire général : génial

  5. Awesome works! Reminds me of Gustave Doré.
    Regards from Italy.

  6. Magnifique ce travail. J'adore l'ambiance, le cadrage. Brrrrrr, ça file des frissons, Nicolas ! Génial !