Eowyn and the Witch King of Angmar

A woman’s courage

-Ink on Claybord 11.5*15.5”

My piece for Out of the Shire, a Tolkien inspired show at Gallery Nucleus. (look at that line-up!!). Opening on December 14.

7 commentaires:

  1. This is awesome! I love how you balance the lights and darks in your work. Is it pen and ink or scratch-board?

  2. Sorry, I just now saw that you said what medium it is at the beginning of your post. Let me clarify: are you drawing on the clayboard or laying in the black ink and then scratching out or both?

  3. Someone in Facebook send me your blog. Your work reminds me Gustav Doré. I like so much your vision about shadows. Really really awesome work!

  4. WoW. Incredible work!

    http://losboceticosderaherna.blogspot.com.es/ :)